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Are you looking for best Clash of Clans Private Server 2020 or Hack of Clash of Clans one which coc server comes with more features like custom buildings, custom troops and more commands. Plenix Clash is modded Clash of Clans Private Server apk. Its only pro is its low size and flexibility of Custom Commands. So Plenix Clash is one of the write choice to make and CoCPrivateServer.co is the best site to download it. Plenix Clash is available for both Android and iOS to download. Follow every step  to know how to download.

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plenix clash

Plenix Clash is one of the best and oldest Clash of Clans Private Server remain in the existence of coc private servers history. It is freely available at cocprivateserver.co to download. It comes with unlimited gold, unlimited elixir and unlimited dark elixir. It's uptime is guaranteed 95% and it is most of the time stable (means no more frequent update).

Plenix Clash has many features that makes it easy to use. Some features are like Unlimited Resources, Max bases and buildings, Custom Commands which make it super easy. It takes a second to max your base from Town hall 1 to Town hall 11. It's take zero second to tain troops and upgrade buildings. But each server has it's pros and cons no coc private servers are perfect.
One of such con of Plenix Clash is that it doesn't come with Town Hall 12 and it's troops. It's last Th is 11 and come with Max base and buildings. But it has many pros like custom buildings and custom troops. You can even attack on your own custom design bases. And their is no limit in resources also. Plenix Clash is also light weight in size.

coc private server

Starting value of gold, elixir, gems and dark elixir in Plenix Clash:-

Gold- 2 000 000 000
Elixir- 2 000 000 000
Dark Elixir- 2 000 000 000
Gems- 2 000 000 000
Building Time- 0 seconds
Availability- v4.2 and above and also available for iOS
Status- Online
Version- 9.256.4
Size- 85.3mb

List of Commands available for Plenix Clash at Global Chat:-

All available commands:-
/cut - clear all obstacles
/easy - get max base, you cheater!😉
/help - list available commands
/id - print account id
/refill - get max resources
/suicidal - attack yourself
/tsarbomba - remove all buildings
/upgrade - max all existing buildings

Android Device Requirement:- To install and run Plenix Clash you need android version 4.2 and above. If you want to play at your PC just download latest BlueStacks and and enjoy.

Read here:- How to install Plenix Clash Private Server apk on android.

iOS Device Requirement:- To install and run this iapk i.e. Plenix Clash you need version 7.0 or above.

Download Plenix Clash 2020 .apk for Android (Latest version):-

Now you do not need root  to play Plenix Clash or any other private server at Android its free of cost.
Click below given download button download it now:-
coc private server 2019

Download Latest Plenix Clash 2020 for iOS:- 

Now you do not need jail bvreak  to play Plenix Clash or any other private server at iOS its free of cost.
Click below given download button download it now:-


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How, Plenix Clash and Original Clash of Clans are different?
Yes, first of all Plenix Clash is hosted by Private Companies whereas original Clash of Clans Servers are hosted by Supercell Company. Secondly, Plenix Clash is a coc private server so it provides unlimited resources with many advance features like custom buildings and troops whereas original coc has own limits.

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 Disclaimer:- Please note that this server is for educational purpose any kind of misue of any private server as cocprivateserver.co is not responsible. These server are developed by third party and not linked with Supercell.

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