Download Latest Null's Clash [2020] -Hack of Clash of Clans

Are you tired of playing the original Clash of Clans? Then Nulls Clash 2020 or Clash of Null is the best choice for you. Null's Clash is a Clash of Clans private server that comes with unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. It is one of the Best Hack Of Clash Of Clans of  2020 which is freely available to download for android. It is awesome to play clash of clans mod APK as we can use them to create creative YouTube videos.
Download Nulls Clash Latest
Nulls Clash CoC Private Server

What is Nulls Clash?

Nulls Clash is a private server or mod APK or hack for COC(most people say it hack). It comes with unlimited resources so that you can build the base of your dreams and attack with your favorite army. It comes in the top three COC mod servers of 2020 along with Clash of Magic and Plenix Clash. Its uptime is 99.99%. which means gaming without any stoppage. It comes with the latest update of original COC with Town Hall 13(TH 13) troops like Super Giant, Super Barbarian, Sneaky Goblin, and Super Wall Breaker. It contains the latest Primal King, Queen, and Grand Warden skins. To ease gameplay it contains custom commands which will be listed below. Null's Clash has also had some features for premium users (buyers with premium code).

Premium Codes Offer for Null's Clash premium users?

What features does the Premium code offers on the private server?

• Adding +2750 cups when activated (added to already existing cups, league - champion or higher)
• Instant creation of various databases ( / make command )
• Longer shield time after unsuccessful defense (one hour more)

How much premium code cost?

Premium costs 100 rubles which is equal to $1.5(106 INR) approx.
After the purchase, you will receive a code that will need to be activated on one of the servers (Null's Clash or Null's Royale).
Note:- This COC Private Server is freely available to play in android devices. Premium users get some extra features mentioned above.

[Update 08 August 2019:- Now Nulls Clash does not provide premium code as they think it was not a good way to monetize. So you do not need to buy a Nulls Premium Code now.]

What's New in Latest Update of Clash Nulls?

  • The New Update Of Dnull server contains Super Giant, Super Barbarian, Sneaky Goblin, and Super Wall Breaker.
  • New Decorations that can be purchased from Leagues Trophies.
  • Primal age skin for Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Grand Warden.
  • TownHall 13 max Level with Royal Champion and ScatterShots.
Latest Nulls Update
Latest Nulls Update

Initial values of gold, elixir, gems and dark elixir in Nulls Clash APK:-

These are the starting value of the resources (resources can be increased later by the easy use of commands) and server status:-

Resource Value
Dark Elixir1,000,000,000
Building Time 0 seconds
AvailabilityAndroid v4.0.3 or higher
Status Online
Version13.180.8 Latest[May 2020]
Size152 MB

Commands Available for Clash of Nulls Mod APK [Updated 2020]:-

All Available Commands:-

Commands Functions
/helpTo get available list of commands
/aspAttack your own base
/cctRemove all spells and troops
/cleanReset your account
/crazyskinsEnable/Disable King Skin for barbarians and Queen Skin for Archer
/fullUpgrade all buildings on your current base to max level
/gSwitch to Global Chat
/maxGet maximum elixir, gold, and other resources
/premium<Code> Activate Premium Code
/sethero<Name><Level> Set hero level
/status Show server status
/th<Level> Upgrade Town Hall of your village to a specified level

Download Nulls Clash .apk 2020 for Android(No root needed):-

Android Device Requirement:- To install and run Null's Clash you need android version 4.0.3 or above. If you want to play at a computer just download the latest Bluestack and enjoy it. Now you don't need rooted device to play Null's Clash or any other Clash of Clans Private Server. Play at any android device with free of cost.
Click on the below-given download button to start downloading the latest Nulls Clash mod APK. We check server availability daily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CoC Private Server:-

1. How the Clash of Clans Private Server and Original Clash of Clans are different?

Yes, first of all, the hack apps or private servers are hosted by Private Companies whereas the original Clash of Clans Servers is hosted by Supercell Company. Secondly, COC Nulls Hack is a COC private server so it provides unlimited resources with many advanced features like custom buildings and troops whereas original COC has its own limits.

2. Do I have to uninstall the original Clash of Clans for installing Clash of Clans Private Server/Hack?

No, you don't have to install the original Clash of Clans for installing any of the private servers because they have different App Names.

3. Do I get banned from Original Clash of Clans for installing Clash of Clans Hack?

No, you don't get banned from the original Clash of Clans. It will install separately and you can play both simultaneously.

4. Do my progress in Clash of Clans Hack/Private Server will be saved?

In some private servers, it will get automatically saved but in some, it won't. Don't worry it is easy to go from zero to hero in private servers.

5. Do I need rooted or jailbreak device to play Clash of Clans Private Server?

No, you do not need rooted or jailbreak device to play.

6. Is COC Private Server is safe?

The Clash of Clans Private Servers provided here at CocPrivateServer.co are 100% safe. We check every private server for viruses and we only post them if they are safe for our users.

7. Can COC be hacked?

No, the original Clash of Clans hosted by Supercell can't be hacked as they are secure by more than one security wall. But you can play COC Private Server anytime.

8. More Clash of Clans Hack:-

Please comment below to inform us if you face any problem regarding the Clash of Clans private server.

Disclaimer:- Please note that this server is for educational purposes only and any kind of misuse of any private server at cocprivateserver.co is not responsible. These servers are developed by third-party and not linked with Supercell.

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  1. wx5xi
    How i can do premium code
  2. wx5xi
    How i can use a premium code ??
    • Sandeep Banoula
      Did you buy one? If you buyed it then go to global chat and write premium code after /.
    • Sandeep Banoula
      No need of premium now. The are not selling premium now. All commands are available to everyone now.
    • Unknown
      I need Premium Code How I Buy Premium Code?
  3. Unknown
    Code untuk menaikan liga apa kak
    • Sandeep Banoula
      Sebelum Anda dapat membeli premium tetapi sekarang tidak lagi tersedia untuk membeli. Jadi, Anda harus bermain untuk piala.
  4. Unknown
    Code untuk menikan liga apa
  5. Unknown
    Code untuk menaikan liga apa
  6. Unknown
    Code untuk menaikan liga apa kak
  7. Unknown
    Bagaimana cara menaikan tropi secara cepat karena saya pernah liat level 1 sudah legend dan level 5 udah titan tolong berbagi informasi
    • Sandeep Banoula
      Sebelum Anda dapat membeli premium tetapi sekarang tidak lagi tersedia untuk membeli. Jadi, Anda harus bermain untuk piala.
  8. Code premium please
    • Sandeep Banoula
      No need of premium code. Nulls Clash stop selling premium code now you can use premium commands for free
  9. Unknown
    I want to buy a premium code to get more trhopies, i know that we have all commands bit i need that premium code. I know that Ideal pay you to get it 😕
    • Sandeep Banoula
      Sorry they stopped selling premium. You can read it here at official site https://m.vk.com/@dnclserv-faq
  10. Unknown
    carq cepat susun base gimana
  11. Unknown
    Plisss saya minta kode premium kalau enggak saya minta daniinull kekln saya namanya klan INDO SAVORY kalau bukan daniinull micdrev kalau enggak juga satunya lagi pliss
  12. Kiva27
    Kode Premium tropi liga sekarang udah gak ada lagi,, udh g di perjual belikan..jadi kalo mau meningkatkan tropi liga ke legend!! harus naikin sendiri.. sama aja kaya lu maen coc. bisa juga lu serang base lu sendiri..
    diatas udah dijelasin adminya, toidi.. jgn pada nanya lagi.
  13. Unknown
    Apakah kak kode trophy
  14. Unknown
    Cara naikin th gmn

  15. Unknown
    how do you do the commands now that global chat does not exist?
  16. Good is game....

  17. Unknown
    Cara update Bulls gmna
  18. Unknown
    I download this app then he wont open
  19. Unknown
    What is the code pls.?
    • Sandeep Banoula
      As I mentioned in post bro Now Nulls Clash do not provide premium code as they think it was not a good way to monetize. So you do not need a Nulls Premium Code now.]
  20. Unknown
    I didn't work it say to update it but there's no update
    This bs
    • Sandeep Banoula
      Try again. There might be server error or issue with Internet Connectivity . Or Try again after re download.
  21. Namanya juga fin yaiyalah
    How to copy base
  22. Unknown
    I cant update when i press download update it doesn't update so annoying
  23. Harun Mustofa
    Hai Sandeep Banoula, saya telah menginstal apk ini diperangkat saya, jika saya mengganti perangkat apakah progres saya akan tersimpan di perangkat saya yang baru?
  24. Unknown
    When will The Clash of Clans update to the new troops and is this game Unlimited troops
  25. Unknown
    When will this update Clash of Clans

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